The following pricing information covers our most common enquiries. It is often difficult to give an exact price indication for certain treatments without first having a thorough assessment with a dentist.

New Patient Examination: $140

For a New Patient Examination we book you a 45 minute appointment with one of our dentists, so that they have time to fully assess your oral health, record the current condition of your teeth and gums and discuss any treatment that may be required. As part of this service, we will provide a detailed written treatment plan with associated costs. If you have lots of fillings or crowns, gum disease or wisdom teeth, it might be a good idea to take a Panoramic x-ray scan. This type of x-ray provides us with an excellent overview of both jaws and costs an additional $90 if required.

Recall/Existing patient Examination or Consultation: $75

Recall examinations usually take around 30 minutes. If x-rays are required they are charged separately. ($30 each for regular x-rays, $90 for panoramic full mouth x-ray scan)

Hygienist visit: $165/45 minutes

We offer two appointment lengths; 45 and 60 minutes costing $165 and $205 respectively. We encourage most new patients or those who haven’t had a clean in some time to opt for the longer appointment time to allow the hygienist plenty of time for cleaning, accurate measurement of gum pockets to monitor gum disease and to review your home care (brushing, flossing etc.)

Fillings: From $300

Most fillings are in the range of $300-$450, with the cost depending on size and complexity. We use the best filling materials, techniques and equipment available. Time is taken to ensure the best possible restoration of your tooth with a long lasting, natural looking, pain free filling. Our prices reflect the time that is required to correctly treat the tooth.

Crowns: From $1700

We have all our crowns fabricated right here in Auckland by highly experienced dental technicians rather than being sent to cheap foreign laboratories overseas. There are a wide variety of crown materials available, your dentist will help choose the most appropriate material for your tooth.

Extractions: From $300

Costs vary depending on the difficulty and therefore time taken to extract single or multiple teeth.

Single Tooth Implant: $6000

Both implant surgery and restoration can be carried out within our clinic. We use highly regarded implant systems available worldwide with a solid scientific evidence base of long-
term success. Costs will vary if multiple implants are placed or bone grafting materials are required, a full written treatment plan will be provided.